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I am a Software Engineer at Zendesk, working on the storage layer of tickets.

Prior to working at Zendesk, I was a software engineer at Amazon, working on visualization and ingestion of sales data in order to reduce toil on our sales pipelines.

Prior to working at Amazon, I worked at CardFlight, a startup based out of New York City that is building payments software for small businesses. I mostly worked on the backend where I got to implement the specifications of payment processors into our gateway, and sometimes contribute to our mobile SDKs.

Before I became a software developer, I worked at a variety of positions including a startup called Frasen where I worked with the executive team to raise capital, as a chef at Yakitori Hachibei, and taught English at GengoWorld.


Iā€™m a web developer at heart, but like learning about computer science. In particular, I enjoy learning about Operating Systems, Functional Programming, and Distributed Systems.

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